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The  Reverse  Osmosis  System

Osmosis  is  a  natural  process  that  occurs  when  two  volumes  of water are separated by a semi-permeable membrane, which has holes  that  are  small  enough  to  trap  contaminants,  but  allows water to flow through.
Water will flow through the semi-permeable membrane from the side of the low solute concentration (fewer contaminants) to the side  of  the  high  solute  concentration  (more  contaminants)  in order to restore equilibrium between the two sides. This flow of water  may  be  stopped  or  even  reversed  if  external  pressure  is applied   to   the   higher   solute   concentration,   ensuring   the purification of the water.
The  table  on  the  right  demonstrates  the  different  types  of contaminants  that  are  removed  from  the  water  through  our system.